Nevada Installment Loans

Our Installment Loans get you the money you need today, but give you the flexibility to repay them over time. Apply, review and electronically sign the loan terms and then WK Lending will fund your loan. You then make fixed monthly payments for the term of your loan. No hidden fees and all loans comply with State lending requirements.

Loan Example:

Bi-Weekly loan payments
A $500 installment loan is due in 5 installments over an eight month period. This is an example only as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), repayment amount and payment schedule will vary depending upon the individual loan.

In this example, the bi-weekly payments are as follows:

4 Payments of $171.24
Final Payment of$171.22

Loan information and APR is as follows:

Percentage Rate Finance Charge Amount Financed Total of Payments Total Number of Payments
548.48% $356.18$500.00$856.185

Amortization Schedule
Period Payment Interest Principal Balance
- $500.00
1 $171.24 $105.48 $65.76 $434.24
2 $171.24 $91.61 $79.63 $354.61
3 $171.24 $74.81 $96.43 $258.17
4 $171.24 $54.46 $116.78 $141.40
5 $171.22 $29.83 $141.39 $0

Applicants for any of our lending products must:

Be a legal adult at least 18 years or older
Be a Permanent US Resident or a United States citizen
Be a Nevada resident
Be able to provide most recent Proof of Residence (utility bill, etc.)
Have an open and active checking account
Have 30-Days of Active Employment
Have valid contact information to include an email address and telephone number
Must not be active duty in any branch of the military (or dependent of someone in the military).

Currently, we do not offer any products for the military or their dependents.

This WK Lending installment loan is a convenient lending product that is repaid during an installment period that is no more than 8 months in duration. Installments amounts are substantially equal with a portion of each payment used to pay off your loan’s principal amount.

Nevada WK Lending installment loan are between $100 and $1,500. Several qualifying factors determine the loan amount and whether you will be approved. To find out if you are eligible for a WK Lending installment loan, please complete our convenient online application

Please review our Rates and Term information for detailed information on our lending products.

In the event, we need to contact you regarding your account we may contact the references you provide if we are unable to reach you directly. However, the nature of your business with WK Lending will never be discussed.

WK Lending does not perform any major credit checks. We will, however, verify the information on your application and review your credit through other sources.

When approved prior to 7:30pm PST Monday - Friday, funds typically are deposited into your bank account the next business day, excludes federal holidays.

The longest repayment term for an installment loan is 8 months. Customers with weekly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly earning cycles will follow a sixteen (16) installment repayment schedule of generally equal payments. Customers with monthly Pay Schedule’s will follow an eight (8) installment repayment schedule of generally equal payments.

Early Repayment Notice: WK Lending encourages you to repay your loan early when possible and there is no early repayment penalty. Should you wish to submit a payment early or one that is larger than your scheduled amount, simply call us at (855) 227-4090. We will be happy to assist you. We encourage you to repay your loan as swiftly as possible to reduce your loan’s total finance charges.

In accordance with the finance charges disclosed inside your installment loan agreement, any payment whether submitted early or larger than the scheduled payment will reduce your loan’s total finance charges. This includes both partial or full prepayments you'll pay regarding the borrowed funds,

There aren't any additional charges other that what's been illustrated here.

Within three (3) business days of your loan’s effective date, you may rescind your loan free of charge by calling (855) 227-4090 or via email at Should you decide to rescind the loan, you are responsible to return the complete principal balance to us. If you fail to return the complete principal balance, the loan will continue in force and you'll accrue charges on any outstanding principal balance.

All loans are funded by White Knight Financial, LLC 855-227-4090: dba The installment loan agreement is governed by relevant laws of the State of Nevada.

Upon creating an account you’re enrolled in automatic bill pay. If you desire to make a payment prior to your due date, please log on to your account and submit payment or call (855) 227-4090 and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

You can check your account 24 hours a day by logging in here.

Please call (855) 227-4090 to talk to one of “our customer service specialist” or by logging into your account "here".

WK Lending transmits important information via email such as promotions, important account information and reminders. If you have not received any emails, check your SPAM folder. To ensure you never miss any important emails add to your address book.

Additional Information

For any questions not answered here, please call (855) 227-4090 to talk to one of our Customer Support Specialists. We will be happy to assist you with any additional questions you may have.

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